Reuse and Sustainability

In the ever increasing climate conscious environment it is important to consider the “three R’s” of sustainability: reduce, reuse, recycle.

Some of the ways this is achieved within the team is by reusing and re-purposing equipment, recycling items where possible or disposing of them in an environmentally friendly way, and working on research and development projects that increase the ability of companies to meet sustainable targets. Some of the research projects focus specifically on how to implement knowledge and skills relating to sustainability to industry components while also ensuring those components are still fit for purpose.

The University policy on sustainability can be read in the University sustainability strategy that is based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Working

The team strives to maintain more sustainable working practices, such as switching off unnecessary lighting and turning down heating in areas where it isn’t needed all the time.

The University online file sharing system helps to keep unnecessary printing and photocopying to a minimum by providing a group space where documents can be easily shared and edited electronically.

Recycling within the team isn’t just restricted to food, drink, and office consumables. As the work is heavily focused on manufacturing and applied physics, many items from tools to hardware are used and reused in an effort to reduce waste and keep project costs as efficient as possible.