Project / Aerospace

Intelligent Process Monitoring OEM Platform

The IP Development and Commercialisation Fund (IPDaC) recently launched by the University of Sheffield is being utilised by ESIM to develop a commercial OEM platform for real-time, intelligent process-monitoring applications.

The monitoring of electrical signals is ubiquitous to all aspects of industrial process monitoring. Having the ability within a control system to react decisively in real-time to process conditions is crucial.

Many industrial processes, for example Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), are highly sensitive to external interferences that cause process errors. These errors can often cause a system shutdown, which is costly in any production environment.

In order to ameliorate this problem, a detailed analysis of the process including all failure modes takes place. Once this refined process knowledge is available, it becomes possible to invent algorithms that are able to react in real-time to in-process events.

ESIM is developing an OEM commercial platform that will allow real-time in-process decisions to occur independently of any overarching control system, by intelligently applying process knowledge. This decentralised decision making approach is consistent with industry 4.0 ideals.

Future Use

The development of the OEM platform is initially for GTAW applications, although the methodology is applicable to any process-monitoring scenario, for example in the nuclear, aerospace and automotive sectors.